Volunteer Groups

We are working hard on a way to keep staff and volunteers safe during the COVID19 outbreak. More updates to come. Thank you for your patience. 



We are happy to welcome volunteer groups during the growing season for community service. Please email using the Group Visit Request button above to inquire about group opportunities on the Farm!


Volunteer groups play an integral part in operating our farm and growing fresh, sustainable vegetables.


In order to manage numerous volunteer group requests, NCF has the following guidelines for all volunteer groups:

  • Only select Saturdays are available for volunteer groups. Please contact us for available dates.

  • Groups that are interested in volunteering on an alternate day of the week should contact the Farm Manager to inquire about availability.

  • NCF can only accept one volunteer group each week.

  • Volunteer groups who want to volunteer during the harvest must plan for volunteering to begin by 8:30am to allow for sufficient time for the harvest.

  • All members of group must fill out a waiver form prior to volunteering on the farm. Group coordinator must submit a list of volunteers to NCF 5 days prior to volunteering for waiver verification.

  • Volunteer group size is limited to 20 individuals during the spring. During the summer and fall, volunteer group size is limited to 10 individuals. Larger groups may schedule multiple times and volunteer in shifts.

  • In general, group volunteer opportunities will last 2-3 hours.

  • Youth volunteers must be in 6th grade or older and must have waiver completed by parent/guardian prior to volunteering on the farm.

  • Groups must schedule volunteer dates at least 2 weeks in advance.


Youth groups in 5th grade or below may arrange a farm tour which can include some level of community service as desired.

  • Farm tours will last 1-2 hours.

  • Groups aged 3rd through 5th grade may include up to 30 youth with 1 adult per 10 youth.

  • Groups aged 2nd grade and younger may include up to 10 youth with 1 adult per 5 youth.


In order to offset the costs associated with coordinating and planning for volunteer groups, we request that groups make a donation to NCF. If making a donation is prohibitive of your group volunteering, please contact us.

  • For community, non-profit and youth groups, we suggest a donation of $10/person.

  • For corporate and for-profit groups, we suggest a donation of $25/person.


To inquire about scheduling a volunteer visit or with any questions, please CONTACT US.