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Gardening Classes Policies

NCF strives to create a welcoming community environment for all staff, volunteers and gardening class participants. By enrolling in an NCF Gardening Class, students agree to abide by the following policies to maintain that environment.


Any questions about these policies can be directed to the Farm Manager.


Registration and Payments

  1. All students must register for the Gardening Class prior to attending class. Registration cannot be completed on the farm or through the Gardening Class instructor.

  2. Gardening Class registration must be completed before the first class of the season. Any exceptions must be approved by the Farm Manager and Gardening Class instructor. Late registrants must arrange a time outside of regular class for an initial farm orientation.

  3. Class fees must be paid prior to the first Gardening Class. Payments can be made online through the registration page or by check sent to PO Box 920877 Needham, MA 02492. Payments cannot be accepted at the farm during Gardening Classes.


Class Attendance and Behavior

  1. Students may not attend a class different from the one they originally register for. If students miss class, they will receive lesson notes via email, but will not be entitled to a make-up class.

  2. If students choose to stop attending classes and stop maintaining their garden bed for a period of 3 or more weeks, they should notify the instructor or Farm Manager so that produce from the garden may be harvested and donated.

  3. NCF’s Gardening Classes are taught in a group environment. Students will be respectful of the instructor and other students. Students will follow all directions of the instructor and Farm Manager.


Garden Bed Maintenance

  1. Once students have been assigned a bed, they agree to plant and take care of that bed for the season. Students accept responsibility for weeding, pest management, and harvesting, within the guidelines provided by gardening instructor.

  2. Gardening Class students agree to only bring organic plant seedlings to the farm. To preserve the high quality organic growing conditions at the farm, seedlings that have been treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are NOT permitted in garden class beds.

  3. Students will abide by any directions from the gardening instructor or farm manager about specific pest management actions. Students will not apply any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other chemical substances in the garden unless they are both OMRI approved for organic gardening and approved by the instructor for use.

  4. Students will use the irrigation system only as directed by the gardening instructor or farm manager.


Farm Access

  1. Gardening Class students will have access to their garden beds from the beginning of class through the fall. The Farm Manager will notify students prior to shutting down beds for the season.

  2. Students may access the farm outside of class times to work on their garden beds. While on the farm, students may use tools in the tool shed to work on only their own garden beds. Students must lock the gate and shed and turn off water upon leaving if farm staff are not on site.

  3. Guests and visitors, including children, may enter the farm only if accompanied by class students. Children must be supervised at all times. Students are solely responsible for the behavior of guests.

  4. Garden Class students will not touch or take things from the farm or other garden beds other than their own.

Violations of these policies may result in termination of class enrollment and/or farm access at the discretion of NCF.

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