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Individual Volunteers

No special skills, abilities, or experience needed!  All of the tasks that you will be helping with are essential in the Farm's efforts to provide farm-based education opportunities and to produce healthy, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables.


Please be sure to read our Volunteer FAQ to find out what to expect, wear, and bring. Please see below for our current enrolling Volunteer Opportunities.


We are delighted to welcome students who wish to complete their Community Service Learning hours at the Farm!  Students are responsible for tracking their own hours, and farm supervisors will sign the school forms.  Youth under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 who will volunteer along with them.  Students must be at least 15 years old to participate in our harvest sessions.

To be notified of future volunteer opportunities, please sign up for our e-newsletter by clicking the button below.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities
Whether it's weeding, composting, digging, and more, we have a farm task for you! Sign up below for our monthly volunteer sessions. All sessions take place on the Farm at 145 Pine Street, and require a waiver prior to session start.


Volunteer Groups

We are happy to welcome volunteer groups for community service during the growing season. Please read the following information, then fill out the Group Visit Request Form (button below) to request a group volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer groups play an integral part in operating our Farm and growing fresh, sustainable vegetables.


All Volunteer Groups receive an orientation about the Needham Community Farm story and mission, and a tour of the Farm.

In order to manage numerous volunteer group requests, NCF has the following guidelines for all volunteer groups:

  1. Volunteer sessions run from the beginning of April through the end of October

  2. Weekdays and select Saturday afternoons are available for volunteer groups.  Saturday afternoons are only available April -> June, and Sept -> October.

  3. NCF can only accept one volunteer group each week.

  4. Volunteer groups cannot be scheduled for harvest sessions.

  5. All members of the group must fill out an NCF on-line Waiver Form prior to volunteering.  For minors, a parent or guardian must fill out the Form.  The group organizer/leader is responsible for verifying that all group members have filled out a Waiver form prior to arrival

  6. Youth group volunteer must be in 6th grade or older

  7. In general, group volunteer opportunities will last 3 hours.

  8. Groups must schedule volunteer sessions at least 2 weeks in advance.

Other information to know about Volunteer Sessions:

  • Participants should wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothes that can get dirty.  Closed toed shoes are required

  • Bring work gloves if you have them, and we also have some to lend

  • Rain boots strongly recommended if it has rained recently - the Farm can be muddy

  • Bring any water or snacks you'll need during the session

  • There is a porta-potty on site

  • We'll supply all tools and supplies needed for the session

In order to offset the costs associated with coordinating and planning for volunteer groups, we request that groups make a donation to NCF. If making a donation is prohibitive for your group, please indicate so on the request form.

For community, non-profit and youth groups, we suggest a donation of $10/person.

For corporate and for-profit groups, we suggest a donation of $25/person.

Volunteer FAQ

Q:  Do I need any experience?​
A:  No, we'll train you and/or find jobs that work for you.

Q:  Do I need to sign a waiver?​
A:  Yes, everyone who volunteers needs to sign the basic Farm Waiver.  Waiver can be found here.  

Q:  What should I wear?​
A:  Clothes that can get dirty!  Also, wear boots or close-toed footwear.  Flip-flops or open-toed shoes are not permitted.  Long pants are recommended.  

Q:  Do I need to bring anything?​
A:  Work gloves are helpful, and we also have some that you can borrow.   Also, please bring a water bottle - we do not have drinking water at the farm site.

Q:  What happens if it rains on a volunteer day?​
A:  The vegetables still need to be harvested, even in the rain!  Come on out - we'll be there, even in the rain.

Q:  My children wish to volunteer.  Do I need to accompany them and volunteer along with them?​
A:  Youth under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.  Children must be at least 15 to participate in harvest volunteer sessions.

Q:  I would like to bring my child or children with me to volunteer.  What ages can participate?​
A:  Although we welcome all ages to volunteer, tasks vary over the course of the growing season.  On a given day, there is a chance that we may not have tasks available that are appropriate for very young children, though they are still welcome to come and enjoy the Farm while supervised by their parent or guardian.  Youth under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.  Children must be at least 15 to participate in harvest volunteer sessions.

Q:  How do I find the most recent Volunteer Sign-up Form?​
A:  The most up-to-date Volunteer Sign-up Link is always on our Individual Volunteers page.

Q:  Why are more days and times not available for volunteering?​
A:  Like most not-for-profit farms in the area, we have a limited staff.  We must balance the need for program development, administration, and production farming time (including many behind-the-scenes tasks) with leading and supporting volunteers in tasks.  We hope that the flexible schedules of the Special Volunteer Roles can make it possible for you to join us.

Q:  I have a physical limitation, challenge, or injury.  Is it still possible for me to volunteer?​
A:  Yes - thank you for your interest!  We strive to make volunteer opportunities inclusive for all.  Please contact us directly to discuss your needs, or see our Special Volunteer Roles (when available).  Many of these include options for volunteering with the Farm that do not involve physically demanding tasks.

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